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          86 45 11 3          

Nobody loves us.

No wonder.

We are super spreaders of Covid-19.
The U.S. Passport, which used to be the Golden Pass all over the world, is now viewed as Typhoid Mary.
A serial killer.
Our own citizens are hell-bent on killing each other because His Orangeness has politicized the wearing of the mask, which should be based on the science, not on a political party agenda.
Our chances of being welcomed abroad with open arms are slim to none.
So now what?
My advice: continue doing what you must do – as if you plan to flee the country, if it comes to that. Get your paperwork in order. Get your affairs in order.
Prepare as if you are about to die, because in this world of chaos, imminent death could be a distinct possibility.
Update your contact book, or if you don’t have one, create one. This book should contain all the household information that you use: home information, deeds, mortgage, insurance, investments, credit cards, bank and credit union accounts, emergency contacts, logins and passwords to important accounts, business information, healthcare providers, healthcare insurance, copies of important papers, and instructions where the originals can be found. This information should be placed on several thumb drives that can be hidden on your person, if need be.
At some point, Covid-19 will fade way (or we will, who knows?), and borders will slowly reopen.
If 45 is re-elected, then going into exile, by hook or crook, should be considered seriously, but it takes money and documentation to accomplish this.

Even if you support this regime, you will not be safe, unless you happen to be at the top of the political heap.

This president is NOT working for us but for himself, his family, and his cronies.
Unfortunately, if you are baked into this administration, you will not believe an anonymous poster on an anonymous website, but I don’t have energy enough to explain why this is true. There are plenty of books and essays available that explain how authoritarian regimes operate once they consolidate power.
Besides, I’m too tired to care about ignorant people and what they think.
Make sure you have plenty of cash on hand.
Buy a gun. Learn how to shoot it. Contrary to what right-wingers think, liberals own guns as well.
Continue social distancing and wearing a mask in public. Only go out when you must (for groceries, medications, and other essentials). Until a vaccine is developed, this is the only way this virus will be mitigated.
Unfortunately, given the current political situation, you cannot depend upon others to do the right thing, so it will be up to you to do what you must do to remain virus-free.
Limit your social engagements – yes, I know it’s a pain; I’m tired of it, too – but I want to live, virus-free.
What we must do in 2020 can be summed up like this:

86 45 11 3

Vote on November 3 as if your life depends on it…
Because it does.