About Anonynona

Anonynona is dedicated to showing fellow citizens how to navigate the monumental changes occurring in America the Beautiful.
It is likely that our current POTUS will be re-elected, so we will need to find ways to cope in an authoritarian regime, especially those of us who have been open critics of this administration.
In 45’s second term, we can expect mass disappearances and purges of critics, many of them ordinary citizens.
Already, long-term employees have been purged from key government positions – this purge will continue and escalate in frightening ways during a second term.
The purge commenced on January 20, 2017, beginning with undocumented immigrants, including children.
Make no mistake: it will not stop there.
It is clear that no heroes high up in powerful government positions will step up to do what it would take to stop this tyrant from devastating our lovely country.
In the unlikely event that a hero emerges and saves our way of life, then this site will disappear or be re-imagined into something more entertaining: a gaming, film, or music site.
I am not optimistic, though.
I am incredibly sad.
But I cannot give up.
I hope you will not give up, either.
We just need to go underground where we can work toward getting our Democracy back.
As in all authoritarian regimes, our citizens must learn new ways of communicating, the language of code.
The language of cloak and dagger.
The language of hiding in plain sight.
The language of using the arts to convey important information.
The language of covert actions.
We will learn because we will have no choice.
We may have to give up our possessions, homes, and, perhaps, our country.
We may have to flee the only place and people we know.
Some of us may lose our lives.
What this site is not: a 45-bashing free-for-all – plenty of that already on social media and the internet.
Such bellicosity becomes tiresome – like swatting uncontrollably at empty air, never connecting with our object of anger.
His birth name to remain unspoken and treated as the vulgarity he represents, he will be referred to as “45” – simple, dehumanizing, and neutral.
This is a survival site.
And we must not waste time swatting at empty air.
What can we do?
I do not know, but we will figure it out.